New Year, Big Changes

A little over 4 years ago, me and my husband purchased an old house in Olivia to renovate into the DT-Photography Studio. What a big opportunity this was for my business in regards to what I could now offer my clients. As good as it was, it definitely needed a lot of work. We started slow and got most of the outdoor area cleaned up by cutting down trees, cutting back overgrown bushes and cleared some wisteria that was taking over. We redid some electrical and some plumbing, ripped out old carpet. The inside walls, trim and fireplace got a makeover with some fresh paint. All these little things have added up but I haven’t felt like its ever been quite ready to do a big reveal. This year, I feel like we are there! In the coming weeks I will be showing what we have done since we first bought, what we call, the “Olivia House” I am excited for anyone who hasn’t been to my studio before to see what we have to offer for your photo session experience, those that haven’t been in a while to see the new items and remodeled rooms that suit your needs and returning clients to always feel like DT-Photography is doing what we can to always give you the best with new ideas, props, and so much more. If you want a truly unique experience, let’s discuss a session. Contact me at DT-Photography

Before: Stay tuned for afters…

Danielle Terry Photography – Portrait Photographer.  Sanford, NC.   I also photograph FAMILIES, Children, couples, BOUDOIR and Seniors.  Contact me today to book your session at DT-Photography.  Studio located in Olivia NC.
Please also find me on facebook at “DT-Photography” for updates and specials.  I am available in Sanford NC, Cameron NC, Holly Springs NC, Fayetteville NC, Southern Pines NC, and surrounding areas.

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