Styling…I’m here to help!

With photo sessions, I am there 100% with you planning your session. Choosing the perfect location, poses, and even outfits. I want to make sure you love everything about them. For full sessions I always ask my client if they need help with outfits, or if its a returning client that I know already and I know they need a little extra help. I am so ready to help you plan and find everything you need.

I love planning outfits. I visualize it with the family and imagine what it’ll look like for split up poses. Like, Dad and kids, mom and dad together, siblings together, etc. You don’t want any one person to be too matchy…even if they are wearing the same color, have them on the opposites…boys/girls. Let me show you the outfits I helped plan for family and clients.

This is for a family of a Dad & Mom with 2 younger boys and 2 older girls. I wasn’t quite sure what the girls styles were so either outfits can be changed up for the other one. For the navy outfit, I chose 2 so one can be chosen depending on if they want to wear a dress or jeans. It makes it easy to give options so they have inspiration or know exactly what they want. Teenage girls can be hard to choose for! Lets take a look at these outfits as if I were pairing them for certain poses.

This is a great look for couples. They pair nicely with no one color being too much! If you’re not a plaid lover, try a grey sweater with either a navy coat or vest to tie it all in. See the links to these outfits here: **ad** Maxi Dress with pockets: Plaid shirt:

I love how great these all look together! Again no one color is too much. With the navy dress and the navy hoodie, I would seperate them in the pose but I love how different the textures are, so it does give them some individuality. One is soft, cozy, and sturdy…the hoodie. The dress is flowy and layered. They are all so perfect together.

See all the links to these outfits here: **ad** Grey Tunic:
Blanket Scarf: Layered Bubble Sleeve Dress: Oh…its 9.99 too. Navy High Low Shirt: Clip the coupon for more savings! Navy Hoodie: Color Block Boys Sweatshirt:

Look how great mom will look with her boys! These outfits are so perfect together without matching. You can do this with so many color schemes. Choose 2 colors and then a neutral color like grey, tan, or brown to tie them all together. Try Sage & Eggplant with black. Try Maroon & Yellow with brown. Don’t be afraid of color! There are so many great color combos out there and I am here to help. So next time you book a session, ask me! You don’t have to purchase what I show you but hopefully it can be a great inspiration to you.

Here is an example of an upcoming Christmas Family Mini Session consisting of mom & dad with their 2 daughters. I love how it all looks put together.

If you need help planning your outfits, please ask me! Its a great service that I love to provide.

Danielle Terry Photography – FAMILY Photographer.  Sanford, NC.   I also photograph NEWBORNS, CHILDREN, couples and Seniors.  Contact me today to book your session at DT-Photography.  Studio located in Olivia NC.
Please also find me on facebook at “DT-Photography” for updates and specials.  I am available in Sanford NC, Cameron NC, Holly Springs NC, Fayetteville NC, Southern Pines NC, and surrounding areas.

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