Mothers Day…

This year I have already met some pretty great Mommy’s and their cute kiddos.  While some mom’s just come in for their children, I definitely love when mom’s take part in these Mommy & Me sessions.  I see the memories you are making for your children.  I hear your stories of pregnancy, labor & delivery, the terrible 2’s, your childs accomplishments, what they have going on in their lives.  Do you know why you have these stories?  Its not just because of them…its because of YOU too!  You created these little people, you’ve been there through every stage, encouraging them, helping them, & caring for them.  They love you and one day, I hope images like these will be cherished by them as well.




And this is exactly why you are a mom…Happy Mothers Day.

Danielle Terry Photography – Family Photographer.  Sanford, NC.   I also photograph Newborns, Children, Couples, and Seniors.  Contact me today to book your session.
Please also find me on facebook at “DT-Photography” for updates and specials.  I am available in Sanford, Southern Pines, Holly Springs, and surrounding areas.



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