As this year comes to an end I just wanted to wish every one a Merry Christmas!  I hope Santa was good to you all this year.  I like to think I was very good all year and thats why I got a new Kelly Moore Bag.  Now let me say…I just made a post regarding Kelly Moore Bags.  I have one already and it has def seen better days, I’ve taken it EVERYWHERE with me.  Its been stuffed full of camera stuff, kid stuff, and everything else a mom keeps in her bag and its held up great but its taken a beating.  The last thing I was expecting was a new one…but it wasn’t just any bag.  My bag design is getting replaced by different newer designs so my hubby jumped on it just in time.  Its beautiful, new, smells good 🙂  And where my old one was a mustard yellow, this new bag is a beautiful Green.  Its beyond perfect and I love it so much.


Can you see all that padded room that comes in these bags?  That middle slot holds my camera and a lens on each end as well as my wallet in the front pocket and enough room in the back pocket to hold an iPad mini.  Plus it has tons of storage on the outside.  2 side end pockets, a big zippered back pocket, and 2 front zippered pockets.  Its pretty much fantastical.  If you’d like to check them out they are still having a great sale until the end of the year.  Get yours while you can!

Kelly Moore Photographer Camera Bags   (affiliate)

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