Photography Gift Ideas…

Now this post isn’t like my normal ones, but after asking if you would like some suggestions for holiday gifts I thought “Hey!  Why not!”  Why keep all this great stuff to myself  🙂 Photography gift ideas are great for that special Photographer in your life or just for yourself if you LOVE photography.  Over the years my hubby and friends have gotten me some great stuff and I wanna share that with you!

I’ve found some great items that are all under $25…what could be better than that?  Maybe that they can all be bought on Amazon and if you are a Prime member there is still time to get any of them before Christmas.  You can click on any photo or highlighted word and it will take you straight to the amazon item which I am an affiliate with!

We’ll start with a few of my favorite gifts that I have received in the past couple of years.  One of my long time friends that I met in Germany, Melissa, bought me the cutest camera scarf.  I love it so much and wear it all the time!!

My husband for Christmas last year got me a few camera necklaces…nothing expensive but he loves the fact that I am a photographer and thought it would be a great way to show people what my hobby is.  I have gotten more conversation starters with these necklaces than I have any other ones I wear.

Camera Pendant Necklace                       “I Love Photography” Necklace

A few things that are really popular right now are the Camera Lens Coffee Cup.  So many people love the fact that you can drink from a cup that looks just like something you would normally be sure to keep drinks away from!  But aside from the Lens Cup there are regular coffee cups with photographer phrases on them along with super cute t-shirts.

Camera Lens Mug                     Retro Camera Coffee Cup                        “I Lose Focus” T-Shirt

Lastly I’m going to share with you a few great camera straps.  Now I know I said I would keep everything under $25  however my very favorite one is a little over.  Below it is another alternative to keep it under $25 so keep scrolling to see those.  I’ve had the Scarf Strap now for 3 years and counting.  It’s super comfy and stylish!

Remember you can click on the photo to take you right to the item and you can even see multiple patterns that they have.  There are so many cute ones!  Below I am linking  another alternative if you don’t want to spend that much on one but want a cuter version than the stock strap that comes with your camera. There are even more stylish simple ones that are perfect for the dude photographers in your life or if you like a more natural look without all the foofoo-ness.

BESTTRENDY Floral Camera Strap

Neutral Camera Strap

So now that I’ve shared a few things with you that are perfect gift ideas or just things for yourself, I’ll consider doing more of these!  Be sure to comment on the post if you are interested in more ideas from me!  I know that New Years is coming up and who doesn’t like organization?!  I love it but certainly lack it.  Keep an eye out for my  before and after office/desk area in January.

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