The Beach

This year we were able to make it out to the beach twice!  We visited Top Sail when I had a session for a friend and again when we drove out to Wrightsville Beach for a day with our family.

Top Sail has to be our new favorite beach, its quiet and not as busy as most beaches on the east coast that we’ve been to.  I was taking photos of of the boys when a sweet couple came by and asked if they could take a photo of me with my family for us.  OF COURSE!  I hardly ever get to be in our own photos so I loved that they asked.  I even had Brian just get a shot of me and the boys because I don’t have many of those.beach-blog1


But I have to say…aside from hunting for shark teeth on the beach, we love watching the boys play in the moonlit water right after the sun sets. The colors of the sky this night were magical!


And then there’s Wrightsville Beach.  This was our first time there but we loved it and the town.  It was quite cloudy and overcast most of the day but once the sun started to set we got some beautiful color!  And there’s really nothing more beautiful than a sunset at the beach.  Am I right?




Danielle Terry Photography –Beach Photographer, Top Sail NC.   I also photograph Family, Maternity, Newborn, Children, Couples, and Seniors.  Contact me today to book your session.
Please also find me on facebook at “DT-Photography” for updates and specials.  I am available in Sanford, Southern Pines, Holly Springs, and surrounding areas.

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